Learning How to Travel Smarter with Platzi (Case Study)

Posted by Brian Krotine on 11/12/19 6:00 AM


I recently interviewed Christian Van Der Henst, CEO of Platzi, about his overall experience as a NexTravel client. As a long-time user, I was very interested in understanding how Platzi utilized NexTravel across different teams, and the effect that NexTravel has had (if any) on their overall business.

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Fair's Journey to Unify their Business Travel (Case Study)

Posted by Steve Bendit on 10/8/19 6:01 AM


Bringing process and organization to a startup is no easy task. Fair, a car leasing marketplace that pioneered the Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) concept, is no stranger to startup challenges. In a recent conversation with Dahni Bagdasarov, Head of Employee Experience at Fair, we revisited some of those challenges that eventually led him to NexTravel.

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SKIFT: Corporates and SMBs Look to Start-Ups for Business Travel

Posted by NexTravel News on 10/4/19 10:44 AM

As Millennials become more integral to the global workforce, corporations and mid-market companies are showing increased interest in startup Travel Management Companies (TMCs).

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5 Ways to Enforce Bleisure Policies Effectively for Millennial Workers

Posted by Julian Noss on 10/2/19 6:05 AM

Much has been said about how millennials are dramatically changing office culture. Between flexible work hours and the freedom to work remotely, it’s no surprise that millennials are disrupting office cultures everywhere.


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Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Policy

Posted by NexTravel on 6/18/18 7:00 AM

One of the most important questions that we try to help our customers answer is, how do you create travel policies to drive growth, save money and keep employees happy?

To understand the best travel policies for growing companies, we looked at the data and spoke with some of the companies using NexTravel to set policies for overnight stays.

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