Introducing NexTravel Hire

Posted by NexTravel on 1/26/16 7:47 AM

Today we are really excited to be launching NexTravel Hire, a handy tool for recruiters and HR managers to invite, book, and manage travel bookings for potential recruit candidates.

NexTravel Hire allows hiring managers to allow candidates to book their own travel. They can do the following:

  •    Set the dates and times of travel
    •    Set the origin and destination of travel
    •    Set the type of travel (air, hotel, and car)
    •    Set a budget for the trip
    •    Allow prepayment of the trip on a company card or reimbursements

    NexTravel Hire


Administrators can invite candidates to book travel based on the policies they set. They can also specify whether they want to pre-pay on the company card or work with one of our partners for reimbursements.

Learn more at or request a demo to see NexTravel Hire in action.

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