The 5 Tips That Can Stop Your Long Flight From Being a Pain

Posted by Elizabeth Shirshikova on 4/20/16 6:00 PM

We all know that long flights are a an incredible pain. Such hauls test your patience, professionalism, and how well you can occupy yourself at 40,000 feet above ground.


Here are the essential tips we’ve collected over the years.

1- MOVE!

Keeping your body in a sedentary state will drive you crazy if you're used to a high paced environment. Maintain your activity level.

Being stuck in the middle seat of the 20th row, may not leave you with much space to stretch your limbs. Yet getting up often will aggravate your neighbors unless you fly the aisle seat.

Setting an alarm for every few hours (*3) can aid in both issues. Reminding yourself to stretch out and use the restroom and toss in a few stretches when you’re ready to throw on the eye mask.

2- Fly light

Keep your carry-on light. Check everything you can, take advantage of the service.

If you were considering bringing a carry-on and a “handbag” remember that it must be stored under your feet. There will be more space left for you in that already offensive amount of legroom if you don’t carry on too much.


3- Dress for the occasion

You don't need to be all dressed up for the flight anymore so why do it.

Flights tend to get chilly so boarding in a light jacket and a comfortable tee and switching slacks for lounge pants is also a good choice. 

To shorten your check-in process slip on shoes and wool socks make it a breeze to go through security especially if you are going through a multi-stop itinerary.

If you need to be fully suited coming off the plane, bring on your suit in hanger bag. Flight attendants are often more than willing to store it in the cabin closet.

Airline blankets are a germophobes worst nightmare. Consider bringing your own; which often come with travel pillows.

4- Bring it on!

Don't count on airline food to sustain you, but take it as a pleasant treat when it does come around. 

  • Freeze Dried fruits~ All the fruit without all the drippings, core and seeds.
  • Nuts~ Preferably unsalted to avoid further dehydration from those cabins.
  • Bars (Moderate to low sugar) ~ Some of our favorites are Quest Bars, Clif Bars, and Complete cookies.
  • Dark chocolate ~ It takes longer to break down so it won’t leave you with a sugar crash. There are so many options too, chili chocolate is a personal favorite.
  • Please avoid tuna, yes it’s compact but just don't. Same rule applies for foods you might have to ask are stinky or not. If you have to ask they probably are.
  • Reach for options like whole grain salads including quinoa or tabbouleh.

5- Don't forget your must need gear!

Here’s the gear we consider near essential to bring with you. Technology will keep you occupied as time passes.

How to Make the Best of a Long Haul Flight

Noise canceling headphones~ Do not rely on the ones they hand out, they will disappoint you and likely lead to unnecessary stress. Always plan on a crying baby and a chatty neighbor.

Eye mask- Light dimmers only go so far.

Battery pack-Electronics will die fast. Worst thing to have your screen go black as you are just about to finish and save a file or at the high point of the show you're binge watching. 

Count on bringing a long lasting tablet to save space and an extensive battery.

Long flights are a cruel and unusual test of endurance.

Meaning that people who like long flights are about as rare as marathon runners. More often than not, we sabotage ourselves by not having a course of action that seasoned flyers have acquired.

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