Turn the World into Your Talent Pool with Greenhouse and NexTravel

Hiring today has gotten ultra-competitive across growing industries, making it more and more important for companies to get creative in their talent search. Swanky offices, catered lunch and flexible work arrangements are a few of the carrots that might attract recruits, but perks are only part of the equation.

While talent can seem concentrated in competitive job markets, the truth is, the best and brightest can come from all over the world. That’s why NexTravel partnered with Greenhouse to enable companies to attract talent from anywhere.

Greenhouse exists to help companies with one of their biggest challenges: hiring. Our partnership will help make recruiting the best talent faster, more efficient and more diverse.

At NexTravel, we’ve experienced the power of recruiting beyond our bubble here in San Francisco firsthand. Today, we’re excited to be working with a company like Greenhouse that’s helping to redefine hiring.

Here’s what Dane Hurtubise, VP of Partnerships and Platform for Greenhouse had to say:

The Greenhouse and NexTravel integration allows our innovative mutual clients to easily arrange candidate travel for interviews, streamlining the hiring process. In the highly competitive world of recruiting, lowering the time to hire is an important objective for talent teams. This integration takes the complexity out of candidate travel expenses and logistics.”

Hiring managers and recruiters will be now able to fly candidates out to their offices for interviews, with a seamless travel booking experience that lets candidates choose their preferred itinerary while avoiding fronting costs or dealing with expenses after the fact.

Wen Wen Lam, Nextravel’s CEO explained, “With this partnership, we’ll be able to take the strengths of both offerings and combine them to make an overall smoother hiring experience for the fastest growing companies in the world.”

Greenhouse clients can now automatically synchronize candidate information into the NexTravel Hire platform, providing users with a seamless candidate hiring experience.  By connecting HR, accounting and travel management, companies can reduce errors, save on travel costs, and enable recruiters to spend more time actually recruiting, rather than dealing with logistics.

Integration NT

The integration makes the entire process less time consuming and more enjoyable for candidates as well as the recruiters, so companies can recruit talent from anywhere.

Ready to start booking travel now? Click here to sign up.

Already using NexTravel? Click here to learn how to activate your Greenhouse integration.

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