NexTravel Collects Coveted Awards for Online Booking Software from Reputed Business Software Directory

Here at NexTravel, we are constantly looking to ensure that we are putting out the best possible product.  A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to put NexTravel to the test: FinancesOnline, one of the most consistently trusted software review platforms, had a panel of experts examine and test our product, and the results exceeded even our expectations.    

We are pleased to announce NexTravel has been awarded the following awards by the esteemed experts at FinancesOnline: The Rising Star Award 2018 and the prestigious Great User Experience Award.  

We are beyond humbled to be honored by these awards, and grateful to FinancesOnline for validating the hard work we have put into NexTravel. What stood out to panelists was NexTravel’s ability to simplify what is often a complex process. Features like “One-Click Cancellation”, “Centralized Travel”, and “Quick Reconciliation” contributed to the overall score of 8.3 of 10, placing NexTravel in the best online booking software products. FinancesOnline experts were especially impressed with the “Smart Search” time and money saving feature that cuts booking time by nearly a third, while simultaneously applying corporate discounts and preferences making the travel booking experience for the company much more pleasant. Due to our outstanding contribution to various industries, FinancesOnline also highlighted NexTravel as a top example in their article regarding how online booking software works.

As exciting as winning these awards are, we still have some room for improvement, and are more fired up than ever to continue improving NexTravel for our customers. To accomplish this, we must ask for your help: submit your own NexTravel features review to assist us in enhancing NexTravel, and thank you for any feedback you have provided to us so far. It takes a village to be successful, and we feel so grateful to have such amazing partners like you.

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