5 Ways to Enforce Bleisure Policies Effectively for Millennial Workers

Posted by Julian Noss on 10/2/19 6:05 AM
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Bleisure-travel-NTMuch has been said about how millennials are dramatically changing office culture. Between flexible work hours and the freedom to work remotely, it’s no surprise that millennials are disrupting office cultures everywhere.


This disruption even extends into areas such as business travel, where Millennials are bucking the trend set by baby boomers. Rather than booking travel with a travel agent, Millennials want the freedom and exploration to extend their trip into a vacation — or bleisure travel.


Millennials are now in the prime of their careers and make up a large percentage of the workforce, so it’s no surprise that businesses are looking for ways to optimize morale from top performing millennials. To be successful at this, businesses need to utilize a travel booking solution that supports the following features and capabilities:


1. Diversified Inventory

Bleisure (n): the activity of combining business travel with leisure time; a practice commonly associated with millenials

Staying at a hotel is far from a given when it comes to business travel anymore. With strong inclinations for new experiences, booking versatility is key. One example is the rise of Airbnb bookings for business travel. From 2017 to 2018, business travel bookings by companies nearly doubled, an indication that millennials seek unique and localized experiences on the road.  


2. Automated Policy Customization

Ensure bookings stay within policy by adopting platforms that provide the utmost flexibility to customize available booking options across different teams and user groups. While employees get the freedom to explore booking options that match their needs, business managers can rest assured that whatever they book abides to company policy.   

3. Expense Management & HR Integrations

Keeping track of receipts on the road can be challenging, especially when employees are busy with events and meetings. Fortunately, leading expense management and HR software, such as Expensify or Greenhouse, can be easily integrated with NexTravel. Look for a travel booking platform that integrates with your company’s expense management software to ensure that all travel expenses are included in your reports. 

4. Real-Time Reporting

It’s important that your travel booking platform can provide visibility to real-time bookings. This allows managers to quickly approve travel bookings while alleviating the backlog that traditional expense reports accrue. Ideally, your booking solution should be able to provide custom field configurations to support your unique reporting structure.

5. Loyalty programs

According to an article in Forbes, “Millennials want to earn their loyalty points while on business trips, choosing a favorite airline or hotel, while also earning loyalty points with the boss for doing a great job.” Many Millennials have strong preferences for specific airlines that they have memberships with. However, traditional travel agencies and direct suppliers are extremely restrictive when it comes to the types of loyalty programs they can support.  


Why HR/Finance Teams & Millennials Love NexTravel 

Having the ability to customize travel policies, track spend, and build in-depth reports without the complexities, hidden costs and time-consuming manual requirements are critical for HR, finance and operations teams. Ironically, most business travel management providers lack the flexibility to adapt to unique reporting and customization needs.

With simplicity, flexibility and transparency being core to their travel booking platform, Nextravel was designed for businesses to take true ownership over their end-to-end booking experience. By providing businesses with ta engine to customize their travel policies, inventory, bookings and reports to their exact needs, HR and Financial Admins have been long advocates of NexTravel. 

Business owners and managers are not the only ones to benefit from NexTravel’s simplicity and flexibility. In fact, the platform was engineered to provide travelers the most easy-to-use experience while satisfying any bleisure-related longing that may come along (as long as it’s within company policy, of course.)

Want to add more bleisure customizations into your company's business travel policies? Connect with a NexTravel specialist.

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