Fair's Journey to Unify their Business Travel (Case Study)

Posted by Steve Bendit on 10/8/19 6:01 AM
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Bringing process and organization to a startup is no easy task. Fair, a car leasing marketplace that pioneered the Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) concept, is no stranger to startup challenges. In a recent conversation with Dahni Bagdasarov, Head of Employee Experience at Fair, we revisited some of those challenges that eventually led him to NexTravel.


Origin: Recruiting vs Contractor

In October 2018, Dahni was promoted to lead Employee Experience at Fair. This was a cross-functional role that required careful collaboration with human resources, recruiting, finance and operations. One of Dahni’s first projects in his new role was to solve the recruiting team’s ongoing problems with travel bookings. And he needed to solve it fast.


Fair is a car leasing marketplace that aims to grant access to mobility to everyone by pioneering the car-as-a-service (CaaS) concept. It gives customers the freedom to drive the car they want for as long as they want, and the flexibility to walk away at any time.

Since inception, Fair’s recruiting team relied on an external contractor to process travel bookings for job candidates. Over time, it was clear that the process was riddled with inefficiencies. Single bookings took days to complete due to manual reconciliation requirements and legacy software. The recruiting team had limited visibility into booking details, which made it exceptionally difficult to track flight statuses, delays or cancellations.


While candidates traveled from all parts of the world, they could only reach a support agent during the contractor’s business hours, a major frustration to those in need of immediate support, as well their recruiters, who had limited access to booking information.


Additional restrictions to candidates included the ability to select their own flights, accommodations or transportation.


To alleviate these issues, Fair sought out a travel management system to dramatically speed up the booking process, provide easy accessibility into real-time booking information, add round-the-clock support for candidates, and bring more flexibility into the overall booking process.


A New Beginning

After considering numerous options, Fair selected NexTravel as the recruitment team’s new corporate travel booking platform due to its easy onboarding process and overall simplicity. The platform also provided Fair a great deal of flexibility that was unimaginable with the external contractor.


Within days of moving to NexTravel, recruiters had gained complete control of all candidate travels, something that unimaginable just days ago. With candidate bookings now complete in a matter of minutes, recruiters were able to easily track live booking details from their NexTravel dashboard and receive notifications for all travel updates. 


Recruiters were not the only ones to gain command over the travel experience. With NexTravel's 24/7 support at their fingertips throughout their travel journey, candidates now have the freedom to customize their trips with NexTravel’s vast inventory of airlines, hotels, home rentals and cars. (They can even add their loyalty programs.)


And best of all, recruiters never need to worry about out-of-policy bookings — all available booking options are 100% compliant with Fair's travel policies.



By taking ownership of the traveler booking experience, the recruiting team at Fair was able to create a more organized and efficient hiring process. This was throughout the organization, and Dahni received widespread recognition for his role in consolidating the recruitment teams' business travels.


Soon after, NexTravel was adopted company-wide, with all Fair's bookings, reports and policies consolidated under one centralized travel booking environment. Within three months of moving to NexTravel, Fair saved 40.3 hours per week in processing travel bookings.



A NexTravel Case Study

Fair's Journey to Unify
Their Business Travel

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