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12 Incredibly Useful Gadgets That Every Frequent Business Flyer Needs

Posted by Elizabeth Shirshikova on 5/11/16 11:49 AM

Technology is all about making our lives easier. Boarding your flight after noticing a few potential crying babies or chatty neighbor; you’ll need all the aid you can get.

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The 5 Tips That Can Stop Your Long Flight From Being a Pain

Posted by Elizabeth Shirshikova on 4/20/16 6:00 PM

We all know that long flights are a an incredible pain. Such hauls test your patience, professionalism, and how well you can occupy yourself at 40,000 feet above ground.

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Airhelp's Guide to Expensing Business Travel

Posted by Elizabeth Shirshikova on 8/4/15 11:31 AM
It’s the dream of nearly every young professional...to trade in the daily 9-5 schlep for a free trip on the company’s dime. Five star hotels, comped meals and drinks, and a few days away from the office. Who wouldn’t love a life of business travel?

While business travel can definitely be a perk, inadvertently (or purposefully) taking advantage of your company’s expense policy could spell trouble for your career. So before you go all out on bottle service on your next trip, check out this next installment of Up In the Air.

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