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Immunity Passport: What’s In It?

Posted by Holly Hou on 11/13/20 10:52 AM

As the global economy learns to adapt through a continuing pandemic, countries are easing their travel restrictions as people start to venture from their quarantine nests. Among the countries that are taking action is Chile, who is rolling out “release certificates” for recovered COVID-19 patients. Patients carrying these certifications are considered “immune” and show a low risk of transmitting the virus, leaving them exempt from all types of quarantine or local restrictions. Meanwhile, the UK, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Colombia, Argentina, Estonia, and the US are considering following Chile’s footsteps and looking forward to using a digital immunity passport as well.


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Top States to Pump Up Your Work from Home Experience

Posted by Holly Hou on 11/5/20 10:04 AM

Twitter, Facebook, and now Microsoft? These companies have implemented work from home policies, allowing thousands and thousands of employees to not go into the office “indefinitely”. As we still can’t fully foresee the future of work, let’s explore some options on how to enjoy working from “home”. On our recent blog, we listed some international destinations that have been flexible on visa terms to welcome remote workers. But, if working remotely in a foreign land isn’t feasible for you, we compiled the Top 5 States that you might want to consider checking out for your new “remote” office and living space! 


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Why Your Company Should Use Corporate Travel Management Tools

Posted by Holly Hou on 10/27/20 8:49 AM

Business travelers account for 12% of airline passengers and 75% of profits  with  salespeople, executives, and consultants requiring the most  frequent travel. As we face this pandemic, experts find it alarming that business travel might be dead as we slowly adapt to the new normal.


...Well not exactly! NexTravel has seen a significant relative increase in travel demand as economies have begun to reopen and lifted  its travel restrictions. In fact, a recent survey by GBTA shows that domestic and essential business travel are increasing, encouraging an even greater shift towards pre COVID-19 travel behavior. As such, companies have increased their interest in discovering a solution to manage their travel, expenses, and employee well-being while on the road. For those open to, or necessitating a return to corporate travel, the question becomes: should you hire an in-house travel manager or use an online travel management site? We’ve listed below the benefits you might consider.

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Best Places to Enjoy Your Remote Work

Posted by Holly Hou on 10/13/20 10:38 AM

Remote work has become the new normal, and will be for the foreseeable future. Working from home might be a blessing in disguise for some not only by avoiding the usual Monday hassle but also by having a chance to set up their preferred working environment. In case you’re bored at home, here are some places to enjoy your remote work with easy visa requirements. So why stay at home when you can isolate yourself in a paradise?

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Your Hotel Cheat Sheet

Posted by Holly Hou on 9/21/20 3:17 PM

Of all trips, hotel stays might be the easiest to deal with from the time of booking, check-in, and check-out. We always have those travel hacks to save expenses and make our experience as convenient as possible. Heads up! You might come across some unfamiliar terms let’s say when you contact the property. We’re here to share some frequently used terminologies in the hotel industry that you might have once heard of.


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