Immunity Passport: What’s In It?

Posted by Holly Hou on 11/13/20 10:52 AM

As the global economy learns to adapt through a continuing pandemic, countries are easing their travel restrictions as people start to venture from their quarantine nests. Among the countries that are taking action is Chile, who is rolling out “release certificates” for recovered COVID-19 patients. Patients carrying these certifications are considered “immune” and show a low risk of transmitting the virus, leaving them exempt from all types of quarantine or local restrictions. Meanwhile, the UK, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Colombia, Argentina, Estonia, and the US are considering following Chile’s footsteps and looking forward to using a digital immunity passport as well.


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What is an Immunity Passport?

When a person gets infected by a certain disease or virus, their body starts to recognize and fight off the same virus, thus giving immunity. That is where the immunity passport comes into the picture. It is a document or certificate obtained by a person who has recovered from COVID-19 and having an immunity passport allows its holders to travel freely.


How long is it valid?

Unlike regular passports, this so-called “immunity passport” may have a few more things to consider. First thing is how long does it take for a previously infected person to become immune to the same virus? In Chile’s case, the release certificate will expire after three months and the holder is considered to be prone to virus infection once again. It is important to note that this process has not been proven by medical experts yet and is simply a precaution being taken by Chile.


What are its benefits?

At first glance, this immunity passport is enticing. There’s undeniably a discrimination to those who have contracted COVID-19 already but  it makes sense to allow people with this immunity to be able to carry on normal activities. This document will give assurance that it’s holders are safe to go about their normal lives until it expires.


When will it take effect?

Not anytime soon. Before the immunity passport is even introduced to the public, the government and medical experts will need to agree on the tests that ensure these certificates are being handed to the right individuals with antibodies accurately found in their bloodstream. Apparently, this is almost impossible to determine at this time as per the World Health Organization...


The fear and worries concerning this pandemic may be around indefinitely, but things like the immunity passport may help us get back to a semblance of our normal lives. Whether or not this immunity passport may cause further transmission, its main intention is to keep our economy running. As an individual, we can help prevent the spread through simple steps like frequently sanitizing our hands, wearing safety masks, and practicing social distancing. As always, should you need any assistance — we are here for you! Stay safe!


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