Learning How to Travel Smarter with Platzi (Case Study)

Posted by Brian Krotine on 11/12/19 6:00 AM


I recently interviewed Christian Van Der Henst, CEO of Platzi, about his overall experience as a NexTravel client. As a long-time user, I was very interested in understanding how Platzi utilized NexTravel across different teams, and the effect that NexTravel has had (if any) on their overall business.


The following is a brief excerpt from the full interview and case study, "Learning How to Travel Smarter with Platzi," which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

Banner Platzi 628-1Travel has always been integral to working at Platzi. While executives frequently meet with partners throughout the US, teaching instructors travel regularly between Platzi’s Mexico and Columbia offices to record online courses.


With a passion for travel, Platzi CEO Christian Van Der Henst wanted to make travel enjoyable for employees. However, this came with many challenges that affected the entire company.


Prior to NexTravel, employees booked travel independently, which made it impossible for Platzi’s finance team to keep track of overall travel expenses. Booking preferences were diverse, with executives favoring member hotel networks and instructors preferring Airbnb.


Without a central booking platform to oversee bookings and generate reports, the finance team was unable to enforce travel policies and manage spend effectively.


Platzi's Business Travel Objectives

  • Develop a system to ensure all travel bookings are compliant with Platzi’s policies 
  • Integrate travel bookings with Platzi’s expense management system (Expensify)
  • Enable employees to add loyalty programs to travel bookings
  • Offer employees a vast range of travel inventory options
  • Provide employees with support resources during their travels
  • Create an effective process for reconciling business expenses separately from leisure spend

To read the full case study, "Learning How to Travel Smarter with Platzi," click here.

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