How to Easily Track Your Company’s Travel Expenses

Posted by Holly Hou on 9/8/20 12:28 PM

Month-end or quarter-end is coming. Are you frustrated looking for receipts and bank statements? Bank reconciliation can be quite time-consuming, comparing each accounting record with what is showing on the bank statement. Chances are the amounts may not tie-out exactly. These tend to happen due to currency conversion, transaction date, and billing period.  We are sharing some tips below on how to save time and easily look into the charges.


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What Happens When You Double-Book

Posted by Holly Hou on 9/3/20 3:15 PM

You found a good deal with a perfect schedule for a holiday trip and so, you booked it. Minutes after, a better deal shows up as you were scrolling through the availability. Knowing that airlines offer 24-hour free cancellation, you book the second option, with the intention of canceling the first one so you can get the better deal. To your surprise, the airline canceled one of your trips, unfortunately the one with the better deal. We know it can be frustrating for this type of double booked situation so we thought of sharing the most common “but's” travelers might raise.


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The Best Out of Basic Economy Fares

Posted by Holly Hou on 8/21/20 12:24 PM

Traveling doesn’t always have to be luxurious, especially if you’re making a short trip and just need to get from Point A to Point B. If this is the case, basic economy may be the fare you’re looking for! Basic economy is the most affordable option airlines offer travelers, in exchange for giving up some of the benefits of a standard economy ticket, which varies depending on your airline.

Basic economy fares are generally the most restrictive. However, due to the pandemic, airlines have been more flexible with flight changes across all ticket types. Changes are now allowed by most airlines offering basic economy fares. During this time, you don’t have to worry about being locked in if you have a basic economy fare. If you’re ready to travel, you can take advantage of this flexibility and fly with peace of mind at the most affordable price!


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Your Guide to Travel Visas

Posted by Holly Hou on 8/21/20 12:09 PM

Is wanderlust calling or does your job simply require you to travel abroad? Whatever your reason for international travel may be, you’ll always want to check your travel documents to make sure you have everything you need. Other than your passport, which in most cases needs to be valid for at least six months after the planned travel dates, there may be other requirements, such as a travel visa, depending on your nationality and destination. If you’re unsure about the travel requirements for your destination, you can always reach out to NexTravel Support for assistance.

COVID-19 Update: Now that we are facing a worldwide pandemic, the requirements may have changed. Some countries have already suspended issuing visas to foreign visitors. An EU official also noted that once the COVID-19 vaccine is confirmed and available for all, visa applicants may also be required to be vaccinated, especially if the virus remains active. Meanwhile, there are countries such as Austria, Slovakia and Cyprus requiring travelers to present a certificate proving they’ve been tested and negative from COVID-19. Travel requirements are constantly changing due to COVID-19, so check here for the latest information on COVID-19 travel restrictions.



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Your Quick Guide to Travel Insurance

Posted by Holly Hou on 8/21/20 11:58 AM

Are you all packed and ready to hit the road? You’ve double-checked your flight itinerary, travel documents, and travel restrictions in your destination. But wait - have you purchased travel insurance? 


Travel insurance is often overlooked and considered an unnecessary expense. Now that we are living in a world of uncertainty, travel insurance is becoming more and more essential. Since policies and coverage can vary, travel insurance can be confusing and you may be wondering whether it can actually help you during this pandemic. To help you navigate your travel planning during this time, we wanted to share some information on travel insurance.


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Topics: Air Travel, COVID-19

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