What COVID-19 Travel Looks Like

Posted by Holly Hou on 7/20/20 10:39 AM

Summer is finally here! With sunny skies and warm weather, summer is usually a great time for vacations, visiting a new city, seeing family and friends, or just relaxing at the beach with a cocktail in hand. However, this pandemic has upended travel and brought the world to a standstill. While travel this summer will likely look very different, travel is slowly picking up and there are ways for you to scratch that travel itch. With states relaxing their restrictions, we wanted to share some trends we have been seeing in the travel industry and ways you can travel safely this summer in our “new normal.”

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Travel Safety: How Hotels are Keeping You Safe During the Pandemic

Posted by Holly Hou on 7/20/20 10:26 AM

As travel starts to resume in some parts of the world, you may be thinking about future travel plans. Whether you’ll be traveling for business or leisure, you’ll surely need accommodation to stay in. In the past, price, rating, location, and brand were important considerations in selecting accommodation. With the evolving pandemic, safety and cleanliness have jumped to the top of everyone’s priority list since the virus can be anywhere - the doorknobs, the counters, or even your own shoes.

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Travel Safety: How Airlines are Keeping You Safe During the Pandemic

Posted by Holly Hou on 7/20/20 10:08 AM

With the evolving health crisis, safety has been a top priority worldwide, especially for the airline industry, which has been as flexible as bamboo in light of the current situation. As communities are reopening and travel restrictions are starting to relax, people are starting to take to the skies. More than ever, people are curious to know how airlines are responding to maintain the safety of its employees and passengers. For example, American Airlines now requires all passengers to wear face coverings from the gate to onboard.


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Your Guide to Hotel Cancellations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Holly Hou on 6/22/20 2:04 PM

As parts of the country are reopening and easing restrictions, you may have been wondering how to deal with your existing bookings, debating whether you should travel, or worrying about your personal health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only our personal lives, but also different businesses across the world. Recently, we shared some tips on canceling flight reservations. We also want to take this time to help you navigate your travel by sharing some information regarding hotel reservations.

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Major Upcoming Conferences and Events Disrupted by COVID-19

Posted by Holly Hou on 6/18/20 11:27 AM

Attending a conference can be exciting, with top speakers, opportunities to create meaningful relationships, and deep dive sessions. You might have been looking forward to it, marking the event on your calendar and counting down the days. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has pressed the pause button on many of these major events. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned that large gatherings (such as conferences where it can be difficult to socially distance) pose the highest risk for the spread of the virus.

We compiled a list of upcoming major conferences and events that were cancelled, rescheduled, or shifted to remote (which means you can attend from your living room!) due to COVID-19. Take a look to check the latest status of these events.

If you booked a hotel room through the company’s hotel block, check the event’s FAQ page or call the hotel directly. Most of these companies have already released the reservations for their events. If you booked your hotel on your own, please contact NexTravel Support directly - we’re happy to help!

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