What Travelers Want When Travel Returns

Posted by Holly Hou on 9/8/20 2:42 PM

We will be back to traveling… soon. When that time comes, will travel look the same as before? Most likely not! We have witnessed how travel trends have changed during the pandemic and examined how it might look like post-pandemic

When travel does return, what travelers value won’t be the same as before. Surveys were conducted to better understand the preferences and attitudes of travelers - let’s explore the results!


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Travel Industry in Light of this Pandemic

Posted by Holly Hou on 9/8/20 2:13 PM

This pandemic has upended the travel and hospitality industry. Some airlines filed bankruptcies while those airlines and hotels that are still running are continuing to update their safety measures to ensure your well-being. The travel industry has been ever-changing during this time - here are some updates from different areas in the industry.


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How to Easily Track Your Company’s Travel Expenses

Posted by Holly Hou on 9/8/20 12:28 PM

Month-end or quarter-end is coming. Are you frustrated looking for receipts and bank statements? Bank reconciliation can be quite time-consuming, comparing each accounting record with what is showing on the bank statement. Chances are the amounts may not tie-out exactly. These tend to happen due to currency conversion, transaction date, and billing period.  We are sharing some tips below on how to save time and easily look into the charges.


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How to Make Your Hotel Check-In Quick and Easy

Posted by Holly Hou on 8/21/20 12:27 PM

Are you excited about an upcoming staycation with your family and friends or a business trip stay at a luxurious hotel? It’s almost time to check-in at the reception! Most hotels have a check-in time of 3PM. If you arrive earlier, you can request an early check-in (you may be charged a fee though). Below are the documents you’ll need to present at the time of check-in. Have these documents ready for a seamless hotel check-in experience - you’ll be on your way to your hotel room in no time!


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Home Rentals: What Are My Options?

Posted by Holly Hou on 8/21/20 12:18 PM

The pandemic has disrupted our daily lives, including our summer travel plans. However, it hasn’t stopped us from traveling completely - it’s just changed how we travel, and we may have to reconsider whether that trip we originally planned still makes sense. If you’re still considering whether to move forward with your existing travel bookings, check out our guide on flight cancellations, hotel cancellations, airline safety, and hotel safety during this time.


New trends have emerged since we were advised to stay at home. From traveling abroad and staying in luxurious hotels, we’re now driving locally and staying in a cabin by the lake. Compared to hotels, home rentals offer a homier feel, privacy, low cost, and space - a great option for a socially distanced getaway this summer. We thought we’d share some popular home rental platforms that you may want to consider when searching for your home away from home.


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