Top States to Pump Up Your Work from Home Experience

Posted by Holly Hou on 11/5/20 10:04 AM

Twitter, Facebook, and now Microsoft? These companies have implemented work from home policies, allowing thousands and thousands of employees to not go into the office “indefinitely”. As we still can’t fully foresee the future of work, let’s explore some options on how to enjoy working from “home”. On our recent blog, we listed some international destinations that have been flexible on visa terms to welcome remote workers. But, if working remotely in a foreign land isn’t feasible for you, we compiled the Top 5 States that you might want to consider checking out for your new “remote” office and living space! 




To determine which states may be best for this new reality of work, we took the following factors into consideration: 


  • COVID-19 Safety - Safety first! You probably want to stay in a state where the number of cases in the area is manageable.

  • Cost of Living -  Let’s talk money! Although living in a big city could mean a high salary, it could also come with a higher cost of living.

  • Internet Speed & Security - What does every remote worker need? YES - Internet! You will need a stable internet connection to work productively at the same time to make sure all data is secured.



Each state has its own uniqueness and WiFi seems to be a basic right these days... but these 5 states topped the list. Let’s take a look at what made them ideal to be your next home while working remotely!




Delaware is probably one of the safest states as they manage the number of their COVID cases well, ranking 9th out of 50 (not including US territories) with the least numbers. With an average speed of 44.9 Mbps, it was ranked 6th with the highest average internet speed among the other states making it an ideal place for remote work.

Despite being known as the Diamond State, Delaware isn’t exactly as costly as it sounds! In fact, you can go from shop to shop wondering how you still have cash leftover, it’s tax-free! Delaware may be the only state in the US without any national parks, yet Rehoboth Beach is more than enough for a stress-free walk. You can also explore and take a look at the state’s history by visiting Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, Nemours Mansion and Gardens, Hagley Museum and Library.




Known as America in Miniature, Maryland offers not just the common city view but numerous landscapes (except for desert) enveloped by its historic past. Enjoy your days off exploring the National Aquarium and Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine and you’ll surely fall in love with Maryland!

Maryland was ranked 6th of all 50 states last 2019. Note that this ranking covers a lot of factors, including health care, crime rate, education, economy, etc. Maryland has 140K + COVID cases to date which is on the okay side compared to other states. Also, MD has notably one of the fastest internet connections in the country.


New Hampshire


New Hampshire is one of the smallest states yet has a legendary contribution to US history. Hitting 2nd in 2019 Overall Rankings, New Hampshire is one of the best states to live in especially now that it’s 4th with the least number of COVID cases in the country.

From the challenging hike to White Mountain reaching the highest point of Mount Washington to the historic houses in Portsmouth and beautiful lakes, rivers, and beaches, there is so much to enjoy in New Hampshire! In case you’re a fan of apples, New Hampshire will be your sanctuary. Enjoy its delectable apple cider donuts and fresh apple pie!




Big outdoor fan or a big mountain skier?  Rockies, Maroon Bells, Vail Ski Resort, and Aspen are all here in Colorado waiting for you! The Centennial State is on the list of the best states to stay in while you work remotely not only for its low number of COVID cases but also for its average cost of living. Colorado is also noted to have the healthiest residents due to endless recreational activities and healthy food options. In addition to that, Colorado is one of the states with a booming economy and exceptionally low taxes. What are you still waiting for this winter? Pack up and go!




Vermont is the second smallest state in population and has the least amount of violent crimes out of all 50 states making it the 5th in 2019 Overall Rankings according to U.S. News. Vermonters are also known for being supportive of locally made products, which are promoted in Church Street Marketplace. Aside from a low crime rate, Vermont has the least number of COVID-19 cases out of 50 states.


If you’re a farm-to-table person, we bet Vermont will be your next home! If New Hampshire is the home of apple orchards, Vermont is known for its maples which distributes more than ⅓ of the total maple syrup production in the US. Did you also know that the iconic Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream originated in Vermont?

In case you have plans to move out for indefinite remote work, we hope this list helps you consider or trim down your options. As always, should you need any assistance - we are here  for you! Stay safe!


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