Why Your Company Should Use Corporate Travel Management Tools

Posted by Holly Hou on 10/27/20 8:49 AM

Business travelers account for 12% of airline passengers and 75% of profits  with  salespeople, executives, and consultants requiring the most  frequent travel. As we face this pandemic, experts find it alarming that business travel might be dead as we slowly adapt to the new normal.


...Well not exactly! NexTravel has seen a significant relative increase in travel demand as economies have begun to reopen and lifted  its travel restrictions. In fact, a recent survey by GBTA shows that domestic and essential business travel are increasing, encouraging an even greater shift towards pre COVID-19 travel behavior. As such, companies have increased their interest in discovering a solution to manage their travel, expenses, and employee well-being while on the road. For those open to, or necessitating a return to corporate travel, the question becomes: should you hire an in-house travel manager or use an online travel management site? We’ve listed below the benefits you might consider.



  • Cost Saving - Instead of hiring internal employees to handle travel management, a technology platform can manage it with significantly greater benefits to the company at a fraction of the cost. Why pay an additional employee salary, or distract a valuable employee when you can just pay a subscription fee?
  • Time Saving - Leveraging a technology solution can seriously reduce booking time for employees, and lower administrative overhead for all teams including finance, operations, HR, and talent!


  • 24/7 Global Support - Technology doesn’t sleep, and as more bookings shift online, itinerary management in the case of emergency has also. Make the necessary changes right from your pocket, rather than sitting on hold listening to that elevator music!


  • The Human Element - Have you ever missed your flight and don’t know what to do? Technology solutions have upped the travel agent game by hiring only the best!  Whether you're looking to set up a first time travel policy, require assistance on the road, or need to make an important change in plans, these in-house heroes will be there to help, 24/7/365!


  • Visibility - Consolidating travel expenses can be a tedious task. This is one-of-a-kind benefit of using technology solutions. Your monthly expenses can easily be tracked plus you’ll also have an option to customize your search according to the data you need to collect.


NexTravel offers a wide range of benefits to help you and your company manage your business travel. Should  you be interested or need assistance with anything else, feel free to contact us at sales@nextravel.com!


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