Your Guide to Hotel Cancellations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Holly Hou on 6/22/20 2:04 PM

As parts of the country are reopening and easing restrictions, you may have been wondering how to deal with your existing bookings, debating whether you should travel, or worrying about your personal health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only our personal lives, but also different businesses across the world. Recently, we shared some tips on canceling flight reservations. We also want to take this time to help you navigate your travel by sharing some information regarding hotel reservations.


Things to consider when deciding whether to cancel your room reservation:

  1. 1. Health is Wealth - Are you 65 and older or have underlying health conditions? People who are at higher risk for severe illness are recommended to stay at home and avoid travel as much as possible.


  1. 2. Importance of Your Trip - Is your travel necessary? You should evaluate the importance and urgency of your trip. If you’re attending a conference, most companies have already canceled their planned in-person trade shows, conferences, etc. as mass gatherings are prohibited in most parts of the world to prevent the spread of the disease. In this case, your company may likely ask you to cancel your booking. Do so unless you’re traveling for an important personal trip, such as a significant family event that you feel strongly you should go to.


  1. 3. Risk Assessment - What is your risk tolerance? In general, there are risks that come along with travel during this time, especially if it involves interactions with other people. You should determine what level of risk you are comfortable with. That being said, if you need to travel during this time, you can take necessary precautions to minimize your risk, such as social distancing and wearing a mask in common areas of the hotel. Hotels are also introducing new safety measures to ease the minds of travelers. For example, Marriott is rolling out new high-tech disinfecting machines and a stricter cleaning regimen. Also, keep in mind that travel restrictions are constantly evolving and you may have to self-quarantine (Hawaii, for example, requires 14-day quarantine for all arriving travelers).

  2. 4. Travel Dates - Are you traveling sooner? If so, the above factors can help you decide whether to cancel your trip or not. Otherwise, take it easy, wait closer to your travel dates, and see if circumstances improve.


  1. 5. Loss Reduction - Will I get a refund if I cancel? Of these factors, this is probably the least important factor to consider as health always comes first. Moreover, hotels are being flexible in their cancellation policies during this period.


How do I cancel my room reservation?

  1. 1. Self-service - Save time canceling your trip by doing it online! Most hotels have extended their flexibility allowing guests to cancel their reservations at least 24-48 hours before arrival. Review your itinerary in your “My Trips” page and check if you’re seeing that “Cancel Order” button. If so, you can cancel the reservation free-of-charge.


  1. 2. We Are Here For You - Canceling, unlike booking, is not always easy and straightforward. That’s why NexTravel Support is available 24/7 to assist you with your travel needs. Shoot us an email or chat with us! If you don’t feel like typing, give us a call - we have travel experts ready to answer your call and help.

How do I get my money back?

Getting a refund is probably one of the major factors to consider before canceling any type of booking. After all, you can’t pay for groceries with a voucher or gift card. Don’t worry - we’ve got your back! Our team proactively checks the refund eligibility of your booking. If it is not eligible, we will negotiate with the property on your behalf.

If your reservation was canceled online or by our representatives free-of-charge, refunds will be processed back to the original form of payment. Please note that refund processing may take longer than usual, as some hotels are closed until further notice or may have high volume of requests.


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